mercredi 14 juillet 2010


Famous surfer Kassia Meador who came to Biarritz for the Roxy Jam unfortunately broke her longboard during a session... But that was our luck because she gave it to the foundation to help the Titan Kids and their surf journey... We will try to sell it 800$, you can get just half of it and keep it as a piece of Art (her artist friends Colin Whitbread and Brandon Lomax painted it) or we get it fixed for you so you can surf it.
If you are interested in buying it and making a good action in the surfing comunity, contact us at
good waves


jeudi 8 juillet 2010

building the house...

on that photo you see the house we are building that will be like a little local for the kids,
we will get a lady to make lunch everyday and look after the kids, put a bunch of beds upstairs for those who would need a calm place to stay for the night, a little tv to show the surfing sessions that are filmed every week.

ROXY JAM starting tomorrow- pro surfer's boards for sale on site...

Hi all,
so that's it, the roxy jam is starting and some of the boards that the pro surfers gave will be for sale over there, in the charity shop. We gave up the idea of making the artists paint on them because we thought it would be cool for someone to get his favorite surfer's board just like it was ridden...the boards that will be there are:
Sofia Mulanovich
Steph Gilmore
Lisa Andersen
Lee-Ann Curren
Andre Silva

the board will be sold 1000 euros, with that we can for example make 10 boards for the kids, or many other things...
For those who are in Biarritz, come check it out at the Cote des Basques!

the team