lundi 7 novembre 2011


Hi everyone
we have just finished our new website so from now on all news will be on this page! we will delete this page soon. Thanks!

O nosse novo site ficou pronto, e agora a gente vai colocar as novidades la. obrigado

Bonjour a tous
Notre nouveau site est pret et ce blog va bientot etre supprime donc svp allez a la nouvelle page! Merci!

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

A good day for Surf And Hope

Today we had the Charity Surf at the Roxy Pro, right before the longboarding finals. So many great french athletes were here and there was a really fun vibe, they all got waves and had a good time.


At the end of the day we got a 10 000 euro check for Surf And Hope which is amazing, it's going to help so much.

It was also the day of the results of the Anglet Surf Film Festival, where the movie "Titan Kids" got the Jury's Special Price so another really good surprise. The kids will be stoked to see their movie won something in France.
A victory for Surf And Hope...

mercredi 22 juin 2011

Surfer of the week: Flavinho

Flavinho is a 13 year old surfer from Titanzinho who follows the Surf and Hope program with Fera's surfschool. As he hasn't been to school so much in the past years, the deal was: if he learnt how to read and write and went to school everyday, he could get a board and start competing with the other kids. He chose to work hard to learn and be a surfer, and he is now able to read, write and to compete which makes us very proud. Flavinho will be doing contests in the state of Ceara this month.

Flavinho tem 13 anos de idade e e um dos surfistas do titanzinho que faz parte do projeto SURF AND HOPE junto com a Escola Beneficiente De Surf Titazinho. Ele nao frequentou muito a escola nos ultimos anos. Combinamos com ele que se ele fosse a escola todos os dias e aprendesse a ler e escrever ele participaria dos campeonatos. Ele escolheu trabalhar duro e aprender. Agora ele sabe ler e escrever e vai competir esse mes da etapa do cearense amador.


vendredi 6 mai 2011

manu chao no Titan

This is the video from the first Titan Kids show in Brazil, in Titanzinho. Manu Chao was here and played a few songs for us which was really cool! All the kids were stoked!
A primeira vez que a gente mostrou Titan Kids no Brasil foi no Titanzinho. O musico Manu Chao estava presente e tocou musica pra gente, foi um momento muit irado na historia do projeto! Obrigado Manu!

dimanche 27 mars 2011

RIP Thiago Dias

It is with a lot of sadness we learnt that Thiago Dias, one of Titanzinho's best surfers just passed away. One more gone way too young our thoughts go to his family and friends... Rest in peace Thiago...

Realmente muito triste! Mais um se foi... O aumento do consumo de drogas, da violencia, descaso do poder publico e a indiferencia da sociedade que quase sempre esquece de simplesmente olhar para o lado, sao so algumas das causas!
THIAGO DIAS...PAZ! Andre Silva

jeudi 10 février 2011

Premiere Titan Kids in Titanzinho

Hi all, I've been in Titanzinho, Fortaleza, for the last couple of days. Before comming back here I was a little anxious because it had been 6 month since I last came and was wondering if everything was alright with the kids there, and if our project advanced since we left. But when we arrived we had a warm welcome from our friends as always, and we had some good surprises: Camilla, Juju, Davi and Dudu had found a sponsor, the surf club had gotten bigger with a second floor and spare rooms for the kids... I was really stoked to see everyone happy here. We also did the Titan Kids movie premiere here in Titanzinho, and we were lucky to have Manu Chao as a special guest. I've always been a big fan of his music and to meet him for real was like a dream. He is a very humble person and true inspiration... We showed him the favela and the surfclub, and he stayed for the movie and then played some songs for everybody, we had a few drinks and grilled fish. Amazing night! here are the photos... Merci Manu! and big thanks to all the people who believe in our project and have helped us to make all of this happen! I hope we can live a lot of good moments like these in the future and help more kids get into surfing... Tchau! lee-ann Davi and Camilla in the magazine Photobucket Manu's first time in Titan Photobucket The guys preparing the show Photobucket kids having a blast Photobucket Film presentation in the new surf club: Photobucket Manu and Ciri Photobucket private concert Photobucket Shakka Photobucket second show at the movie theater Photobucket