mercredi 30 juin 2010

samedi 26 juin 2010

Titan Kids, the movie

This is the trailer of te movie Lee-Ann and Andre are making, about the favela of Titanzinho, their trip over their, life in the favela, and how surfing can benefit the kids.
The movie will be out during the summer 2010, first for festivals and tv channels, and maybe later on DVD.... We'll send more news about it soon!

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The Second Wave Project...

Thanks to the help of the people at Roxy, Maritxu and Brett, we managed to get About 15 boards from famous professionals surfers, and the same number of artists to paint the boards.
Here is the list of surfers:

Mick Fanning
Steph Gilmore
Bobby Martinez
Tom Curren
Lee-Ann Curren
Jeremy Flores                           Aaron Young and Vuk Vidor's Art:
Michel Bourrez
Damien Hobgood
Sofia Mulanovich
and more...

the artists:

- VUK VIDOR               
- TERENCE KOH                                                                             
-  Yoshitomo Nara

Some of the artist will come do an exhibition of the board at the Roxy Jam, that will take place in Biarritz from the 10th to 14th of July 2010, and some will be at the Frieze Art show in London in October.
After we will organize an auction on internet, and all the funds will be
 donated to Surf and Hope Foundation, to help more surfer kids.
This event will be huge for us, so a big thanks to all the people who've helped us, the surfers, the artists, and we will post more news from this action very soon...
Keep surfing ;)
the team

First post...

Hi people,
this is the inauguration of this Surf and Hope blog, our goal is to help kids of Titanzinho, a favela of North Brasil, to surf and stay out of the streets thanks to this wonderfull sport.
If the project is working well, we will try to extend it to other poor surf areas, like Mexico, Carribean, Morocco etc ect...
The website is comming soon, the blog is out.
Don't hesitate writing to us to give your opinion! email adress:
Thanks, keep surfing and smiling...

the Surf and Hope team.

Lee-Ann Curren and Andre silva, creators of Surf and Hope.